Original Box Set AP Episode 3: Talking the Talk

February 14, 2017

Welcome back, chummers! In this episode Sunny and her team work to convince Don Louie that helping Nick willingly is preferable to the alternative.


>>>>> [Where the hell did Mr. McFeely come from? I swear if that dwarf touches me one more time… No I don’t care if he’s trying to be helpful. I don’t like to be touched!] <<<<<

                --Xio (09:10:32/2-10-79)


>>>>> [When I work with new people I want to make sure they’re healthy. I mean, I don’t want to get sick. I don’t want to burst someone’s heart either when I try to give them a boost. It’s just a precaution.] <<<<<

                --Pollux (13:34:27/2-13-79)


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