Original Box Set AP Episode 5: Parsons, P. I.

February 28, 2017

We break away from the team just as the drek hits the fan to introduce the last character of the team, Alan Parsons. A week before Sunny called the team together to help out Nick Lucciano, she hired Mr. Parsons to look into a series of arsons befalling a fixer network known as The Enclave. This episode follows the investigator-for-hire as he agrees to and starts following up on the leads Sunny provides.


>>>>> [Come on, Trollface! I’m good for it! You can’t hold that botched job against me forever. It wasn’t my fault the mark ended up in the gutter! I still got the pay data, didn’t I? Gimme another chance, I’ll find the torch.] <<<<<

                --Slickguy… (12:12:37/1-23-79)


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