AP Episode 027, Unexpected Assistance

October 11, 2016

In this episode, a new player, and a new character joins us.  Meet Kinect, Decker Adept...

I would also like to thank our newest Patreon Supporter, Joel DiPippa, thank you very much.

AP Episode 026, They will me mist

September 27, 2016

In this episode, we just back to Teddy, Lightning, Zero and Doctor Jones.  They are exploring the boundaries of their captivity, as well as the pair of ghouls who seem to be their wardens.  Will they survive a meeting with their captor?  Or will they be mist?


AP Episode 025, Burned Edge.

September 9, 2016

This episode is a little longer, since the session itself was a little on the shorter side.  Pretty soon we will be reaching a point where we cut back to the main Team for a bit, while some information is learned.


AP Episode 024, Cyberghouls

August 30, 2016

I would like to thank our newest Patreon supporter, The Arcology Podcast.  Thank you Mr. Johnson and Vox.
I would also like to thank Zaran Black for giving us our second 5 star review at iTunes.  Feedback of any kind is nice to hear, and I agree with your point.  I am trying to encourage my players to do just that.

In this episode, our group learns what it is like for the NPCs, and they find themselves on the receiving end of a set of spurs. . . 


AP Episode 023, Hidden Indian…

August 17, 2016

There is mention of a motorcyle in this episode, and the details were linked in skype chat with the group, but not really mentioned vocally.  So for anyone interested, what they found was a 1944 WWII Indian


AP Episode 022, Joy Ride

August 4, 2016

Fireblossom, what are you doing in that truck?


AP Episode 021, Getting Stoned

July 20, 2016

In this episode, the group makes their way into the complex, and encounters a new sort of obstacle.


AP Episode 020, Hell Hounds, and spirits, and ghouls? Oh my.

July 6, 2016

Okay, so maybe the ghouls were last episode.. and maybe not...   In any case, I do apologize for skipping a week.  Took a mini vacation that also served as research for one of my final assignments in one of my classes.. so not really a vacation.  

I will try to get 2 episode up for the next release date.. or longer episodes, or something to make up for it.


AP Episode 019, Rescue Run Continued…

June 21, 2016

In this episode, the group scopes out Sacramento for a ground vehicle to steal, so that they may get to their destination without draining Foehammer's fuel...  


AP Episode 018, That’s no rock.

June 16, 2016

In this episode, our rescue team encounters a denizen of the open desert.

Again, I apologize for the lateness of this episode.  Still trying to get used to going back to school, and the schedule issues it is causing.  Thank you for your patience.